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Financial Aid / FAFSA Information

A Variety of Options

At American National University (ANU), we recognize the fact that many students need some type of financial assistance in order to make this initial investment in their futures.

To help meet these needs, American National University funded awards of more than $1.8 million, distributed among more than 2700 students, in award year 2010 – 2011.

financial aid and fasfa (Federal Student Aid)

Financial Aid Solutions Tailored to the Individual Student

To ensure that qualified and deserving applicants are given adequate financial aid, our student services representatives sit down individually with prospective students to identify available sources of financial assistance; some through the federal or state government and others through the University. Our student services representatives are committed to supplying possible funding solutions for those who qualify.

Before meeting with a student services representative, be sure to fill out a Free Federal Application for Student Aid (FAFSA) online at: For more information, see our Applying Page or call your student services representative today.

Use the U.S. Department of Education’s Net Price Calculator to estimate academic costs at our institution.


ANU-Funded Financial Aid

NEW – University Partnership Scholarship

The University Partnership Scholarship is designed to enhance collaboration between educational institutions and facilitate continued higher education for students. It is offered to students from Universities and Colleges outside of the United States with whom American National University has signed a Memorandum of Understanding and certain Program Agreements. The agreements either relate to joint programs or to the acceptance of academic credits earned in certain other specific programs.

In order to qualify for the scholarship, the student must:

Scholarship payments are applied directly to the students’ tuition and fee charges on their student accounts each term, in amounts based on their course load, of $305 per course for all graduate and undergraduate programs.

This scholarship cannot be combined with any other grants or scholarships including the Partnership for International Education Scholarship.

Evolution Grant – Up to $1,520 per term!

Available to undergraduate students attending campuses in Virginia, Indiana, Kentucky, Ohio, and West Virginia, the Evolution 2016 Grant is designed to increase grant aid to students while keeping student debt as low as possible. Up to $1,520 per term for students who qualify, based on need.

Joseph E. Hurn Scholarship

The Joseph E. Hurn Scholarship is designed to recognize and award students who excel in their university studies. Funded by American National University, the Hurn Scholarship is based on academic merit alone. Students are evaluated for eligibility after they complete one academic year (the evaluation period), based on certain factors. Read More »

American National University Opportunity Grant

The Opportunity Grant is awarded and funded by American National University. It is designed to match outside grant and scholarship funds provided by defined social, local, and civic organizations. An Opportunity Grant Calculation Form will be completed by the Student Services staff for eligible students.

A Public – Private Partnership — Workforce Development Grant

This program, exclusive to American National University, provides matching funds to many federal, state, and local workforce development and worker retraining programs. Over the past decade, ANU has provided more than $3.5 million in matching funds to over 1,300 students. Up to $7,500 per year may be awarded through this grant to supplement programs such as the Workforce Investment Act, Trade Adjustment Act, Vocational Rehabilitation, and similar programs.

Helping Companies Invest in their Employees — Business Partnership Grant

Another program unique to American National University, the Business Partnership Grant, supplements employer-provided tuition assistance to qualified students. ANU will match up to $1 for every $2 that your employer provides in tuition reimbursement funds, limited to the amount of unpaid tuition costs. The University allocates up to $2 million per academic year for this grant.


American National University offers an institutional work-study program which provides employment opportunities for students to help finance their educations. Whenever possible, work-study employment is designed to improve students’ business skills and to provide experience for the business specialization in which they are enrolled.

Tuition Payment Plan

Any student who enrolls in the payment plan will have the option to make three payments each term. The first payment will be made on or before the first day of class, the second will be made on or before the first day of the next month, and the final will be made on or before the first day of the third month.

Federal Financial Assistance / FAFSA

Do You Need Money for College 2016-17

Click here for 2016-17 Financial Aid Information from the Department of Education.
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» Important information about Student Loan Forgiveness scams »


Federal Pell Grant

This program was established for undergraduate students who have not completed a first baccalaureate degree. Eligibility is determined according to a formula established by the federal government. Eligible students who attend less than full-time may also be eligible to receive a reduced award.

Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant (SEOG)

The Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant (FSEOG) program is for undergraduates with exceptional financial need. Pell Grant recipients with the lowest expected family contributions (EFCs) will be considered first for a FSEOG. Just like Pell Grants, the FSEOG does not have to be repaid. For more information, visit the Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant website.

Federal Work Study Program

This program provides part-time employment for students with financial need. Jobs may be provided on- or off-campus, with work schedules determined by the employer. Work schedules may not conflict with students’ class schedules. Employment under this program is dependent on the availability of federal funds.

Direct Subsided & Unsubsidized Loans

These loans are made available to students attending college on at least a half-time basis through the William D. Ford Federal Direct Loan Program. Within these programs there are two types of loans: subsidized loans (those subsidized by the federal government) and unsubsidized loans. A student may qualify for one or both, depending upon eligibility. Repayment is made in installments, generally beginning six months after a student leaves school or from the point his or her enrollment status falls below half-time. The federal government pays interest on the subsidized loan until repayment begins and during authorized periods of deferment. Students with unsubsidized loans are charged interest from the time the loan is disbursed until it is paid back in full.

Direct PLUS Loans

PLUS Loans are available to the parents of dependent students and to students pursuing graduate degrees. This loan program is available for students attending college on at least a half-time basis through the William D. Ford Federal Direct Loan Program. This is an unsubsidized loan program. Repayment is made in installments beginning upon the final disbursement within the first loan period. Interest is charged from the time of disbursement until the loan is paid in full.

Federal Perkins Loans

This program was established to provide a low-interest loan for undergraduate and graduate students with financial need, whether full-time or part-time. Interest begins to accrue when repayment begins, nine months after a student leaves school.

The Iraq and Afghanistan Service Grant

This program was established for non-Pell eligible children of military personnel killed as a result of service in Iraq or Afghanistan after Sept. 11, 2001. To qualify, the student must have been less than 24 years of age or enrolled at least part-time at an institution of higher education at the time of the death of their parent or guardian. Payments are adjusted for students enrolled on a less than full-time basis.

Additional information regarding the federal aid programs is available in the University Catalog or in the Financial Planning Office.


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