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Joseph E. Hurn Scholarship


The Joseph E. Hurn Scholarship is designed to recognize and award students who excel in their university studies. Eligibility is based on academic merit and pace toward program completion. At the end of each academic year (typically 3 terms), students are evaluated for eligibility for the following academic year. The first academic year is called the "leading academic year" and the next year is the "trailing academic year." Awards are made to assist students with tuition and fee costs.

To qualify for the scholarship, students must:

Eligibility Evaluation

Initial review - to assist students in the planning process for their trailing academic year, a review takes place before that year begins, normally during the 2nd term of the leading academic year. If they appear eligible at that time, the scholarship will be listed on their initial Financial Plan for the trailing academic year. If such a student does not maintain eligibility through the end of the leading year, he or she will not receive funding for the trailing year, but will be evaluated for eligibility again after that year.

Final review - after grades are posted for the last term of the leading year, students are evaluated for eligibility for the trailing year and awards are made to those who qualify.

Disbursement amounts - for each term of the trailing award year, a disbursement is made for the lesser of $350 or the amount of tuition and fees not paid/expected to be paid from other sources. This review, evaluation and awarding process continues each academic year until students graduate or withdraw from the university.

Withdrawal and Reentry Policy - Hurn Scholarship recipients who withdraw from the institution before receiving a full award for their trailing year, lose eligibility for any unpaid disbursement for that year. However, if they reenter (and otherwise meet all of the eligibility requirements), they will be considered for the scholarship at the conclusion of the academic year in which they reenter.

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