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2018 Graduation


Note: If an alternate location than what is listed for your campus is more convenient for you, please contact and they will arrange for you to participate in the ceremony of your choice.

It is with great anticipation and excitement that we are approaching graduation.  As students, this is the culmination of all of your hard work and effort.  Your family, friends, and other members of your support network will also share in this important milestone.  But after 44 years at American National University, I can tell you that for me and the other faculty and staff this is no less an important and satisfying event!

First and foremost, we urge you to remain focused on your studies right through the end of your program.  While some of you have already successfully completed your program requirements, many of you will be finishing your academic requirements right through the end of the first spring term (Term 181).  You must have successfully completed all graduation requirements in order to participate in graduation.

More information will be coming in due course regarding specific procedures, pick up of your caps and gowns and other regalia, and more.

This year, we will hold graduation ceremonies in six locations:

2018 Graduation

This year’s ceremonies will be larger and more exciting than ever, and your faculty and staff look forward to celebrating with you and your friends and family.  Congratulations to all of you as we approach the culmination of this phase of your educational journey.

Graduation Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Do I have to attend the graduation listed for my campus?

A. No.  You may attend any of the six ceremonies; please notify to choose a different location. 

Q. If I do not attend graduation, how will I get my diploma?

A. Diplomas will be mailed to students who do not attend graduation approximately one week after graduation.  If you need proof of completion, your transcript will suffice.

Contact for an unofficial transcript or visit for an official copy.

Q. When will I receive my cap and gown?

A. TBD – we are making final preparations to further streamline the ordering process. 


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