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Important Coronavirus Announcement

Due to the global coronavirus pandemic, ANU’s hybrid program residencies for international students are temporarily being conducted via videoconference under authorization from SEVP. Check back with this website frequently to keep apprised of the current status of residency classes.

Special Letter to Future International Students from ANU President Frank Longaker.

Pursue Your Degree at an American University.

If you wish to study at an American University, American National University (ANU) is a great fit for international students. We look forward to joining you at the start of your new adventure in America. ANU has welcomed students from over 100 countries who have embarked on new futures through undergraduate and graduate programs at ANU.

Coming to America may seem like a big change – but ANU has a friendly staff ready to help you adjust to the University and the surrounding areas – providing social and cultural activities, answering questions, and giving advice for whatever you need.

Why American National University?

  • Academic programs offered in hybrid format, with one four–day (Thursday–Sunday) residency per 10–week term for graduate students.
  • Acceptance of transfer credits (up to 50% for Graduate level students).
  • Curriculum Practical Training allows students to work up to 40 hours a week for 1 year without affecting OPT (Optional Practical Training).
  • Part–time CPT also an option for entire academic programs.
  • No additional fees or charges for CPT!
  • No health insurance required.
  • No hidden fees
  • Books included as part of tuition and fees.

Term Structure

Instead of traditional semesters, American National University offers 5 terms a year to help students complete their studies and start their career within a shorter period of time. A term consists of 10 weeks of classes followed by a one week break.

Upcoming term start dates are as follows:

Academic – Study in the US
Academic – Online

Major Announcement

The following programs are now approved at our Louisville, Ky campus for non–immigrant alien students and currently offered by American National University.

International Programs on Campus in Louisville, Kentucky:

International Programs on Campus in Salem, Virginia:

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Associate's Degree Programs
Baccalaureate Degree Programs
Graduate Degree Programs


*Only available online to students residing overseas.


International Student Admission Requirements »




Intensive Alternate Program

  • Hybrid style class format that allows students to attend only 4 day weekend residency per term while taking online courses.
  • On–campus classes 8:30 AM to 4:30 PM.
  • Temporary housing assistance at affordable prices.

No Fee for CPT at ANU

Meet ANU Students:

  • On Thursday, November 30, 2017, guest from ShenQi Ethnic Medicine College of Guizhou Medical University and its President Mr. Zhang visited the Roanoke Valley Campus for the official signing of a joint partnership between both Universities

    American National University welcomes ShenQi Ethnic Medicine College of Guizhou Medicine University

  • There have been many milestones in the process of getting ANELI up and running in the upcoming term.

    American National English Language Institute

  • The event was filled with native dance performances, informative presentations, and king-size portions of international cuisine.

    1st Annual Global Student Appreciation Celebration

  • American National University and Royal International University are pleased to announce an agreement of joint partnership where American National University accepts students from Royal International University who have completed courses towards a degree.

    Partnership with Royal International University

  • “We had so much fun; where do we go next?”

    Racing to the MBA Finish Line




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