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Master of Business Administration Specializations:

  • MBA in Accounting Management
  • MBA in Healthcare Management
  • MBA in International Business
  • MBA in Organizational Management
  • MBA in Information Technology
  • MBA in Hospitality Management

Master of Business Administration (MBA)

In the ANU Master in Business Administration program, we know that there is no better way for you to grow as a business leader than to apply the knowledge you gain in the classroom to the real challenges you face on the job. We customize your program experience, equip you with the knowledge and experience you need to succeed, and put that knowledge to work on field projects that solve real-world challenges faced by local business and organizations.

Benefit From Our Community-Centered Approach

Students work with local community non-profits and for-profit organizations, entrepreneurs, and business owners to grow businesses, to develop innovative systems, and to solve problems.

– Dr. Annette Chamberlin,
VP Academic Affairs


International Student Admission Requirements

In addition to the submitting a Candidate Profile, all international students must also demonstrate proficiency in English. Any one of the following seven (8) options* would demonstrate a student’s proficiency:

  1. Complete TOEFL with a passing score of –
    Internet-based test: a passing score of 64 or greater.
    Computer-based test: a passing score of 165 or greater.
    Paper-based test: a passing score of 500 or greater.

2.Complete IELTS with a passing score of 5.5 or greater.

  1. Provide a letter of attestation of English competency sufficient to have successfully completed an English speaking academic program.
    The letter should be presented on letterhead and come from one of the following:
    1.  A senior administrator of the applicant’s current or former academic institution
    2. From an academic official with the applicant’s embassy
    3. From a current or former direct supervisor of the applicant for a paid or volunteer position.
  2. Demonstrate successful completion of an English as a Second Language program from any approved ESL school located in the United States.
  3. GMAT minimum score of 550 or GRE minimum score of 500 verbal and 700 quantitative.

6.Completed Certified Public Accountancy examination with a passing score

7.LSAT minimum score of 150.

Those students who cannot fulfill any of the above options will be considered for admittance on a case by case basis.

*  Note: The applicant may, at American National University’s discretion, be tested on arrival to the campus using the CaMLA English Placement Test (EPT). If test results indicate, American National University reserves the right to place the student in the University’ English as a Second Language program until sufficient English speaking, listening, reading, and writing skills are acquired.


What Our Students Are Saying

Jack Hatfield, MBA

"My education from ANU has given me the confidence to master anything I want to accomplish in life."

Rupali Patel, MBA

"Don't look back—keep going. When you have a Master of Business Administration degree, no one can take it from you."

Tyler Cromack, MBA

"I could not have asked for a better experience. It has been life-changing and has been a great, personal evolution. I don't think I would be the person I am now without the experience."


Build a Strong Foundation in Leadership

At ANU you don't just earn a degree, you gain experience as a leader in your field.

Candidate Profile

American National University seeks prospective Master degree students from a wide range of academic fields and professional experiences who demonstrate strong leadership skills and have clear professional goals. We do not require students to complete a GRE – but select those candidates who we believe will succeed at American National University and throughout their chosen careers. We welcome applications from graduates of accredited colleges and universities or an appropriately certified foreign institution in all academic disciplines.

**Computers are integral tools in a master’s program classroom; therefore, students are required to own or have access to a computer and the internet.

Join the next class for the ANU Master in Business Administration program!

  • Tell us about your passions and why you are pursuing an MBA at ANU:
    Submit a written essay of 300 words minimum (11 point font and 1.5 line spacing).
  • What are your academic achievements thus far?
    • Minimum educational obtainment for entry to the Master in Business Administration program is a baccalaureate degree from an accredited institution
    • Send in an official transcript from your accredited institution where you received your baccalaureate degree. For colleges and universities outside of the U.S., transcripts must be evaluated by a private credential evaluation service who is a member of NACES (National Association of Credential Evaluation Services).
    • Students may be officially admitted to a Master’s program with a cumulative GPA (CGPA) of 2.5 (on a 4.0 scale) or higher over the course of all undergraduate studies toward a Baccalaureate degree. For students who achieved below a 2.5 CGPA in their undergraduate studies, the Graduate Admissions Committee will condition continued enrollment beyond the first term on the achievement of a 2.75 GPA or higher in the first term, and strongly recommend that such students take a maximum of eight credits during the first term.
  • What’s your involvement in your community?
    Have three people who know you well and can speak to your character, professional capabilities, and academic capacity write you a letter of recommendation to be sent in to this address: (is this turned in with application?)

Admissions Process »

Once application and all application documents are sent to American National University, the Graduate Admissions Committee reviews all applicant materials.  After an evaluation by the Graduate Admissions Committee of the admission documents, determination is made whether to offer the applicant entrance into a master's program.

If a student’s application is refused, the applicant will be notified, in writing, of the decline. The application fee is non-refundable. An applicant who is refused may re-apply in another term. All applicants who decide to commit to a master’s program will need to reply to the Graduate Admissions Committee their intent concerning acceptance within 30 days of the receipt of the acceptance letter.

Your Learning Experience

The ANU Master in Business Administration program begins with an interview with the Business Department Chair to customize the program to your educational and career goals. All MBA students take nine core courses – providing a foundational basis in business theory and management with the diverse perspective of peers in different fields. Students can then decide whether to customize their elective course selection from a variety of electives or follow a specific course path through four specialization options that focus in a particular field: accounting, healthcare, international business, or organizational management. Students may also elect to specialize in information technology in our MBA-IT program.

Core Courses

Nine core courses (36 core credit hours) focus on the following key business management knowledge areas:


Establish firm knowledge of financial theory and analyze its application through case analysis. Topics include capital management, operating and financial leverage, costs of capital, investment, and financing decisions.


Explore how consumer behavior, market research, environmental trend analysis, new product development, pricing and distribution decisions, and promotional considerations must interact to create a successful marketing program.

Operations Management

Develop an understanding of the strategic role of operations in management and learn key methodologies in measuring effectiveness and improving operation activities.

Legal and Ethical Business Environment

Examine the interrelationships among business, government, and society and explore how the interactions between these three impacts vision, decision-making, and execution of business strategies.

Business Research and Information Systems

Apply information technology in integrating data, developing and utilizing research information, and communicating results in meaningful and effective ways.

Leadership and Human Resources

Strengthen your leadership in applying theory to management situations, exploring effective communications, and learning about the mechanics of human resources and workforce need analysis. 

Elective Courses »

Students who wish to customize their Master in Business Administration Program to meet their specific goals can choose five elective courses (20 total credit hours) from a variety of course offerings. These courses may include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Management Control
  • Financial Reporting
  • Business Tax Strategies
  • Business and Society
  • Management Communications
  • Dynamics of Organizational Behavior
  • 21st Century Leadership
  • International Management
  • Project Management Life Cycle
  • Managing Global Diversity
  • Ethics and Legal Principles for Healthcare


Students may also choose to earn a distinction in their particular field by specializing their program. Rather than choosing five elective courses, students will follow a specific course path (total of 20 credit hours) that would give them an in-depth study in the strategies, legal and ethical issues, and management practice that is particular to the following fields:

Accounting Management: Master theoretical and practical accounting and management skills and prepare for new requirements for CPA candidacy.

Healthcare Management: Focus on knowledge-base and current issues related to healthcare informatics, health policy, patient safety, and the ethical, legal, and regulatory issues that are particular to being a leader in the healthcare industry.

Hospitality Management: Students learn about the use and development of natural and cultural resources in tourism projects – and challenges students to attract and retain markets using technology. The international scope of the program provides a framework for students to understand the interrelationship between business and politics, and how lawmakers develop policies that govern the flow of people and businesses within and between countries.

International Business: Conduct in-depth study with perspective from peers from around the world – building a solid foundation in global diversity, international finance, international human resources and accounting -- providing the necessary knowledge and skills in managing multinational organizations.

Organizational Management:  Design and measure organizational effectiveness, understand leadership roles, and learn how to successfully manage teams by applying theory to real-world situations.

Information Technology: Students interested in leadership and management of technology businesses or technology operations within an organization can specialize in this field by pursuing the MBA-IT program at ANU. Please see the MBA-IT program page for more information. 

Online Courses (eLearning) Through ANU

At American National University, we believe everyone should have the opportunity to further their education and to achieve their career goals. We offer busy students in bachelor and MBA programs the option of taking classes through our convenient online learning platform. As an online American National University student, you'll receive the same career-focused education with personal attention from our faculty and staff that students receive in our classrooms... such as academic advising, mentoring, and career services. The only difference is you can choose when to study so that it works with your schedule, leaving you more flexibility to balance life's priorities.

Find out more about eLearning classes with American National University, including what it's like to be an online student, here. Speak with an Online Representative – call 888.980.9156.

MBA Graduate Presents at Regional Conference

This May, Clay Hodges, a 2012 graduate of the MBA program at the Roanoke Valley Campus, had two opportunities to present his research, “A Quality Approach to The American Regulatory Framework,” in front of prestigious audiences: the World Conference on Quality and Improvement in Nashville, Tennessee and the Quality in the Triangle Conference at North Carolina State University.

This presentation began as a project Clay helped develop for an assignment in his Legal Environment of Business course at ANU. The project discussed the regulatory process and the Administrative Procedures Act, including enforcement and the impact of regulations on management. “If we need regulations, they need to be effective,” said Clay in regard to his presentation topic.

“It is safe to say that most people do not realize how much regulations affect their lives.”

Clay, who has experience in regulatory issues and works in quality assurance management, has continued to refine and present his research each year since graduating. He has recently expanded the presentation to include a comparison of the Administrative Procedures Act to laws, and in particular four cases that have shaped administrative law.

Clay has presented his research in front of several audiences as part of the professional development plan he follows each year. “It is safe to say that most people do not realize how much regulations affect their lives,” he stated.  

MBA graduate Clay Hodges has turned a class project into a research presentation he has had the opportunity to present in front of several audiences.


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