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ANU Offers Bright Opportunity for International Students
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English Language Institute (Instituto del idioma Inglés) de ANU

English Language Institute (Instituto de Inglés) de ANU
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El Instituto del idioma Inglés de ANU (American National University) ofrece clases de ESL (inglés como segundo idioma) para todos los niveles, desde el nivel Inicial hasta el nivel Avanzado, mediante un programa de estudio intensivo para todos aquellos estudiantes cuyo idioma materno no es el inglés.

Nuestra Misión

El programa de ESL de American National University brinda capacitación integral en el idioma Inglés en distintos niveles para satisfacer las demandas de los estudiantes extranjeros. El programa comprende clases de capacitación práctica en el idioma Inglés para desarrollar las habilidades de

Accredited through the Accrediting Council for Independent Colleges and Schools (ACICS)

Estas habilidades son desarrolladas a través de nuestros cursos LSV (comprensión oral, comunicación oral, y desarrollo de vocabulario) y RWG (comprensión lectora, composición escrita y desarrollo gramatical) para ayudar a nuestros estudiantes a prepararse para los exámenes TOEFL (prueba de inglés como idioma extranjero) e IELTS (sistema internacional de pruebas de inglés) para así lograr admisión a programas académicos. Además, nuestro programa mejorará las habilidades de aprendizaje necesarias para alcanzar el éxito en los cursos académicos.

El programa de ESL de American National University puede ayudarle a alcanzar los siguientes objetivos:

En American National University, ofrecemos profesores profesionales en la enseñanza de ESL, quienes están capacitados en métodos específicos para desarrollar habilidades lingüísticas en el campo de ESL y traen una amplia experiencia al salón de clases. Para ayudar a nuestros estudiantes, tomamos un enfoque de educación personalizado. Esto significa que nuestros profesores guiarán y proveerán asesoramiento en el su uso del idioma Inglés a cada uno de nuestros estudiantes. También nuestros alumnos podrán aprender de sus compañeros, ya que nuestros estudiantes de ESL provienen de diversos países y culturas.

Permita que el programa de ESL de American National University lo ayude a desarrollar las habilidades del idioma Inglés que usted necesita para alcanzar el éxito académico y profesional. Comuníquese con nosotros para solicitar información o inicie su proceso de aplicación cómodamente desde nuestro sitio web.

Nota: se cobrará por el proceso de aplicación.



Una vez que haya finalizado el programa de ESL, cumplirá con los requisitos para ser admitido en uno de los programas académicos de ANU:



Las clases se dictan en el campus de Roanoke Valley, Virginia.

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    Student Stories & Resource Articles

    ANU Offers Bright Opportunity for International Students

    The Roanoke Valley Campus of American National University recently held a welcome and informational session for international students.  ANU has a large number of international students looking to continue their education to help them get started and advance in their desired careers.---

    Campus director Beth Bryant welcomed the students to the event. She was followed by District Delegate Sam Rasoul, who shared his impressions of Roanoke from an international point of view. As the child of immigrants and the only Muslim member of the Virginia House of Delegates, Representative Rasoul feels that he has a connection with international students. He told the students that there are over 105 nationalities represented in the Roanoke area, and spoke on the welcoming atmosphere of ANU and the Roanoke community toward international citizens.

    Representative Rasoul, who also has served at ANU as an instructor, addressed the topic of future employment opportunities for international students in the Roanoke area. “We are about to double the size of our research institute which will present opportunities of at least 100 new high-level jobs available to international employees,” explained Rasoul. This is very promising for many of the international students at ANU, especially those who are earning an MBA in IT.

    One such student is Achal Shah, who just began his studies in the MBA-IT program. Achal, a student from India, had only been in the country for six days, but he had not found orienting himself to Roanoke to be difficult. “I feel the same in my home country as I do here; everyone is very welcoming and friendly,” he stated.


    Following Representative Rasoul’s comments, university leaders participated in a panel discussion which offered information about the many services that ANU has developed to help students succeed in their programs and their careers.

    In addition, students Harinder Chavra and Shaquile “ShaQ” Majawah were recognized for their accomplishments in their programs. Harinder, an MBA student, has shown the faculty and staff a tremendous amount of effort in her studies, as well as in her drive to succeed. “There are not enough words to say about this young woman,” said ANU President Frank Longaker, “This school, this university, this student body, is very fortunate to have Harinder as a part of this organization.”

    ShaQ, a student from Malawi who is studying in the ANU network support program, was given a letter from Senator Mark Warner, who wrote to him after reading about ShaQ in the National News. Warner was impressed by all of ShaQ’s accomplishments in his studies, from earning his Network Pro and CompTIA A+ certifications, to using software like Raspberry Pi to work on special projects. (To learn more about ShaQ’s experience at ANU, click here.)

    As the program came to an end, President Longaker offered closing remarks regarding how ANU can contribute to students’ experience abroad. “We believe that all countries have something to offer, but we also believe the United States is unique,” he stated. “We hope that you will combine the best aspects of your country and the best aspects of the United States in order to create the best people around the world.”

    Photo-A: Student Harinder Chavra receives recognition from Dr. Annette Chamberlin and President Longaker.

    Photo-B: Student Shaquile “ShaQ” Majawah receives a letter from Senator Mark Warner from President Longaker.

    (full article)

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