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Children Inspire Graduate to Continue in MBA Program

Angela Burnham recently accepted the Achievement Award during the ANU Danville, Virginia Campus’s commencement ceremony after earning high honors in the business administration-management bachelor’s degree program. With an eye toward the future, she is continuing her education in the American National Univeristy MBA program through ANU Online.

Angela, a former stay-at-home mom, found that her motivation to continue her education grew stronger than ever after the birth of her son.  She is determined to set an example for her children and to get the education that she needs to provide a better life for them. 

“ANU is more like a family than an institution.”

“Receiving a [college] education has increased my self-esteem. My daughter told my mother the other day when she was asked what she wanted to be when she grew up, she said ‘…I want to be just like Mommy.’  Education did this,” Angela stated.

Angela feels that the staff and faculty at ANU are always there to assist her.  “ANU is more like a family than an institution. When I say this, I mean that unlike larger schools, the instructors have the chance to know their students on a more personal level…,” she explained. “There have been many times that I have needed assistance, not necessarily academically, but with scheduling, finances, etc. The staff at ANU…has been very open to assisting me in whatever needs I may have had.”

Angela urges those considering returning to school not to let excuses get in the way. “I chose to get a secondary education to save my children from poverty,” she said. “[But] in reality, getting my education showed my children what to do to save themselves, as well as teaching me that no matter what I put my mind to, if I am dedicated enough and disciplined enough, I can achieve it.”

 Photo-Angela Burnham (right), pictured at the ANU Danville, Virginia Campus graduation ceremony with campus director Carlene Wilson (left),  has re-enrolled in the ANU Online MBA program.

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