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Campus Observes Constitution Day

The Martinsville Campus celebrated Constitution Day on Sept. 17 with recognition ceremonies for both day and evening students. Campus director John Scott spoke to the assembled students, faculty, and staff about the development of the Constitution and described the framework of government it established. He then quizzed the students in attendance on their knowledge of the court system and challenged them to identify Virginia’s Senators.

Assistant Martinsville City Manager Wayne Knox came to the campus to speak to the evening students. He focused on the significance of the Constitution and how it has survived time and enabled the United States to have a stable legal and political existence. “It is a living, breathing document,” Mr. Knox remarked.  He then spoke on the importance of the amendments added to provide voter rights, and he emphasized that the right to vote is precious because it allows the citizens to make changes in leadership and the political system.

“[The U.S. Constitution] is a living, breathing document.”

A discussion began about remarks made by 2016 presidential candidates, and Mr. Knox added that we as voters will have our say in the 2016 presidential election. Mr. Knox concluded his remarks by explaining how the U. S. Constitution has been used by other developing nations as a model in drafting their constitution.

Constitution Day guest speaker Wayne Knox, assistant Martinsville city manager, encouraged students to exercise their right to vote.




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