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Campus Offers Professional and Interviewing Skills Workshop

Students at the Parkersburg Campus had the opportunity to improve their professional and interviewing skills at workshops recently offered by Maryann Sims, career center director.  Maryann was able to use her experiences as both a former employer and an employee to help those attending the workshop to prepare for the working world.  Lively discussions and small group activities helped the students to get a new perspective on what employers in today’s marketplace are looking for from their employees.

In the professionalism workshop, much time was spent discussing the role of the internet and social media in the quest to find and retain employment.  Many of the students were unaware that employers can and will research a prospective employee’s Facebook and blog posts to see if those posts line up with the values and expectations of the employer.  “Before this workshop, I was only peripherally aware of the effect of social media and its effect on how employers view you and your professionalism,” said student Jennifer Young.  “It gave me second thoughts about what information to share and what not to share.”  The interviewing workshop gave the students an opportunity to evaluate how well they were prepared for one of the most important aspects of job hunting.  Maryann provided the attendees with helpful hints about appropriate dress and behavior in a job interview as well as an overview of what questions they could expect to be asked.  The students broke up into small groups and brainstormed responses to that and other difficult interview questions. “I think these students came out of this workshop with more confidence that they are able to handle the tough questions they might face in an interview,” said Maryann.  “Success in a job search does not just depend on the knowledge that has been gained in classes, but also in the ability to communicate that knowledge and the confidence it brings to a prospective employer.”

Maryann Sims, career center director at the Parkersburg Campus, discusses interviewing questions with students at a recent workshop.

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