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Community Service Project Inspires Students

Jun 30, 2015

Students, graduates, faculty, and staff of the Columbus Campus recently spent a Wednesday evening at Manna Café, helping to serve a meal to homeless men, women, and children of the Columbus area.

The participating ANU students found the community service project to be a humbling experience, as they helped with preparing and serving the meal, setting tables, and cleaning up the dining area. “I love the act of service,” said student Teshena Ackerman. “You feel like you’re making a difference, and you feel very grateful for the things that you have in your life.”

“You feel like you're making a difference, and you feel very grateful for the things that you have in your life.”

This experience has been a great benefit to the students, as well as to the people they have helped. Not only are they reaching out to members of the community who happen to be less fortunate than they are, but they are engaging in career development. By donating their time to help the citizens of Columbus at Manna Café, the students are gaining experience in community service. Many employers like to see that candidates for their positions engage in various forms of charitable work outside of their employment. Therefore, ANU students who volunteer their time are building their résumés, as well as helping build up their community.

(Left to right) Director of health science education Josh Keslar, career center director Penny Coons, and student Teshena Ackerman recently participated in a community service project to help the homeless.




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