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Externship Leads to Employment for Multimedia Graduate

Multimedia production program graduate Salvador Thompson was determined to land a job with Lexington’s legendary LM Communications, and he was able to do just that thanks to his training and excellent work ethic during his externship. “I love this industry and this is THE place to work,” explained Salvador. “I was determined to work here, and my ten-week externship gave me the chance to prove my worth. I was always on time, I never missed a day, and I always tried to do more than they asked me to do—and they hired me!”

Salvador’s current role with LM Communications is in audio production for the daily ‘Sports Huddle’ segment. “It is intense, demanding, and you’re either on your game or you ruin a broadcast,” he stated matter-of-factly. “Some would call it pressure, but I thrive on the challenge. My training at American National provided me with the skills to do this job skillfully.”

He is quick to credit all the faculty and staff at the Lexington Campus for helping him and guiding him to his dream career, encouraging him every step of the way. “I went from having no future to THIS—because ANU offered the training I needed to break into an industry which is, historically, extremely difficult to enter,” beamed Salvador. “I can honestly say American National University changed my entire life and future. This is a hands-on profession and ANU gave me the tools I needed for a fantastic career that I never would have had otherwise. I’m so very grateful to everyone!”

“I can honestly say American National University changed my entire life and future.”

Salvador also plans to use his training, combined with the experience he’s gaining in his new job, to open his own radio distribution company. “This is just the start,” he smiled. “I want to work with our youth and provide opportunities for them to have a dream career of their own in this industry. It’s my way to pay it forward.”

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Following a successful externship, multimedia production graduate Salvador Thompson has been hired at LM Communications in Lexington.

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