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Family Members Encourage and Attend ANU Together

Linda and Jessica Bailey are quite the pair.   They arrive every Monday afternoon to study and work in the library and computer labs at the Princeton Campus to complete homework and study for tests.  Linda, the mother  in the team was inspired to sign up by her daughter-in-law, Heather Bailey, a former student.   When she discovered that the campus offered System and User Support, she told the advisor, “Sign me up” before the campus tour was completed.

Jessica graduated from another college, but wanted to learn more about her medical field, so that she would feel comfortable taking her RMA exam.  As Linda’s daughter, she had watched her mother as she attended, and was encouraged to also attend ANU in Princeton to complete her goal.  Jessica made the decision to enroll, and has been very comfortable.  She has been very complimentary of the type of instruction displayed in her classes.  An example she gave was the way American National University teaches the Medical Terminology class, by breaking the word apart, in order to learn prefixes, roots, and suffixes.  She also mentioned the time each instructor has taken, even individually to provide help when needed.

Both Mom and daughter feel that an instructor will take time to help, or explain a concept when it is difficult to understand.  Linda mentioned that when she does not understand a concept, she is not made to feel “embarrassed.”

Both Linda, and Jessica mentioned how professional their instructors seem to be, and mentioned being in other circumstances where instructors would talk about their students in a public setting.  They have also been pleased with the encouragement issued by an instructor, mentioning that their instructors will say, “Yes, you will get it!  Keep going!”

This family affair will soon expand, as Linda says her son-in-law will be attending soon, and is planning to receive his business administration-management degree.  We can’t miss him…she says, because “he is almost seven feet tall!”

Jessica and Linda Bailey are a mother and daughter who are attending the Princeton Campus together. 

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