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Four Children Serve As Motivation For Lexington Student

Daphne Stout, a busy mother of four, graduated from the pharmacy technician diploma program at the ANU Lexington Campus in 2005, and has returned to earn her associate’s degree in medical assisting.

Daphne first came to ANU to find a better paying career. “As a single mom, I had to pursue a career and that required some specialized training. I had to provide for my children and myself, and a low-paying job was not going to be sufficient,” Daphne shared. “My children were getting older and I also wanted to be an inspiration to them--to show them you can do anything you set your mind to.”

After graduating from ANU and working as a pharmacy technician, Daphne realized she wanted to pursue another medical career. 

“The instructors go out of their way to teach us ‘real-world' information that we will need in our careers.”

“I love ANU and I knew this was the right decision. The schedule allows me to work part-time and raise my children, and also pursue my medical assisting degree,” she explained. “Everyone here is so supportive and encouraging. The instructors go out of their way to teach us ‘real-world’ information that we will need in our careers.”

After earning her degree in medical assisting, Daphne would eventually like to work in pediatric cardiology and plans to one day continue her education to become an RN. “Yes, things are challenging at times, but I am determined to do this for my children and myself,” Daphne stated with a smile. “The medical field is perfect for me.”

Photo A-After earning her diploma in the pharmacy technician program at ANU and working in the field, Daphne Stout is continuing her education in the medical assisting program at the ANU Lexington Campus.

Photo B-Daphne (right) is pictured in the ANU lab with Amanda Sweat, director of health science education at the Lexington Campus.  

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