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Graduates Exemplify National Spirit

On Friday, June 3, the graduates of the ANU Dayton Area Campus celebrated the culmination of their hard work and dedication to their studies as they accepted their diplomas at Christ United Methodist Church.

State Representative Jim Butler, who served as the commencement speaker, commended the graduates for their accomplishments, especially those who earned their degrees while working a full-time job and caring for their family. “The media, the government, and civic organizations should all hold you up as an example of what others should aspire to be,” he stated. “You represent the best about our national spirit. Everyone should strive to work hard and sacrifice to make a life for themselves.”

Representative Butler also applauded the graduates for choosing to attend a career college.  “You have also chosen wisely on the school you have attended.  Like hard working Americans competing for jobs, career colleges have to compete to attract students—not by an awesome new student rec center or a high powered football program, or amazing dorm rooms, but by making sure that all your hard work pays off,” he explained. “As you saw when you applied and chose to come, these schools have to track their graduates’ placement success of getting hired for a good job after you graduate.  Because they are competing against other career colleges you, as a student consumer, get to choose where you will be most successful.  Because of the transparency that career colleges give on ultimate success you are empowered to choose the best one for you.  This free enterprise works very well and it’s something that state funded colleges should have to do.”

“The media, the government, and civic organizations should all hold you up as an example of what others should aspire to be.”

Following Representative Butler’s address, a number of graduates were presented with awards:  Terry “Wade” Robinson II, Achievement Award; James T. McFarlane, Leadership Award; Mary H. Layton, E. M. Coulter Award; Dawn K. Cottrell, Mary P. McGurn Award; Renee McKinney, Joseph E. Hurn Award; and Rashid Malcolm-Tilmon, M.A. Smythe Award.

Wade, who earned his degree and certification as a surgical technologist, credited his instructors for helping him succeed in his program.  “The attention that they give you…is just awesome,” he said. “They want to make sure you succeed just as much as you want to succeed,” he explained.  Wade has been so inspired by his studies at ANU that he plans to continue his education in the area of psychology and hopes to one day earn his doctorate degree.

Congratulations to the ANU Dayton Area Campus Class of 2016!

Photo A-Graduates from the ANU Dayton Area Campus are pictured during the commencement ceremony.

Photo B-Dayton Area Campus graduate Wade Robinson, the recipient of the Leadership Award, paused for a photo following the commencement ceremony.

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