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Group Interviews Make “Awesome” Workshops

Denver Riffe, Princeton campus director, has initiated yet another hands-on learning method to ensure the university is dedicated to the student’s professional success.  These workshops have included résumé writing, professionalism, and mock interviews, and were conducted in Debbie Jackson's Oral Communications class.

The class assignment was to create a résumé, dress appropriately, and be ready to interview for an administrative assistant position with Denver and Brenda Stinson, administrative assistant, during class recently.  The two joined Debbie in critiquing résumés, assessing professional appearance, and selecting appropriate answers to interview questions.

Discussion consisted of how to cover or downplay tattoos and body piercings, maintaining good eye contact, dressing appropriately, and revealing what the use of nonverbal language such as standing with arms crossed or hands on hips indicates.

 "Respect yourself by dressing and speaking professionally, having a good attitude, and making good eye contact,” said Denver. 

"Develop your professional skills, punch up your résumé and interview skills,” said Brenda.  “Convince yourself you will be an asset to the company and then convince the employer".

After the session, Denver asked the class to consider whether they would hire themselves based on the way they were dressed and how they presented themselves for the mock interviews.  Denver and Brenda each chose four students they would hypothetically hire based on the criteria given to them from their assignment.  Carol Evans, Sara Nelson, Keisha Farmer, and Vicki Simpkins were chosen by Mr. Riffe.
Carol Evans, Keisha Farmer, Frankie Whitt and Yolanda Smith were chosen by Brenda.  Both Brenda and Mr. Riffe agreed Frankie Whitt gave outstanding answers to the interview questions and Randy MacDonald asked the best questions of the interviewers.

Carol Evans, one of the four chosen to be “hired,” enjoyed the workshops. “I never did a group interview before and it was tough,” said Carol.  “For me, the best advice I received was to think before answering the questions.”

Debbie Jackson, instructor, Denver Riffe, campus director, and Brenda Stinson, administrative assistant led a workshop for an Oral Communications class. 

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