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International Student Comes to ANU for Advanced Degrees

Hemang Desai, a student from India, came to the U.S. in October to study in the MBA-IT program at the Roanoke Valley Campus. Hemang has already earned both a bachelor’s and master’s degree in IT computer applications.  

In India, he worked as a software developer where he spoke English while communicating with clients via phone or Skype. “I am 90 percent sure that I will go back to India, but would not be opposed to starting a business here,” said Hemang.  He still has family in India who is very supportive of his decision to come to ANU to complete his education. 

Hemang’s favorite aspect of being a student at ANU is the helpful instructors. “I like their study structure and how they push me to do my very best,” he stated.

“I like their study structure and how they push me to do my very best.”

He is enjoying living in the U.S. where “the way of life here is different in a good way.”  “Everyone [works] hard during the week, but enjoys themselves on the weekends,” he explained. Conversely, the culture in India is “getting together every day and having fun after going to school or working.”

Hemang has already recommended the MBA-IT program to most of his friends, and he hopes the ones with career interests similar to his will join him at ANU.  

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