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International Student is Pursuing the American Dream

Ren ShaoWen is one of the international students at the Lynchburg Campus.  Ren came to America from China.  Ren first enrolled at a larger college in Lynchburg.  Soon, he felt overwhelmed by the larger university and wanted a different experience for his studies.  Ren began his search for another school, and found ANU.  Since enrolling, he said his whole college life changed for the better.  He has been in the U.S. for about six years and at ANU for three.  Ren plans on to continue his studies at ANU until he has completed his Master’s Degree in Business Administration and then may possibly pursue higher education elsewhere. 

When asked what he likes best about ANU, Ren said that the support the instructors give, the class assignments, and the materials have all had a positive impact on his education. He feels he is getting the best education money can buy at ANU.  He also said that everything he has learned has influenced his future career in the business field for the better. 

Ren’s parents support his decision to obtain a meaningful education.  Both of them majored in business and are managers within their companies.   They are encouraging Ren to pursue studies in the business field in order to be just as or even more successful than they have been.  Ren speaks very highly of his parents and how much they support him studying here in the U.S.  Ren is very grateful to them because he knows he could not pursue his education without them. 

Ren hopes to become a successful entrepreneur and/or maybe even step into corporate America.  His personal dream is to become an American citizen, and someday have a family of his own with which to share his success.  Additionally, Ren has made many friends while here and he hopes they will be his lifelong friends as he now considers them his extended family.

Ren said, “I would recommend ANU to my friends, and my family to study and gain a wonderful education.  The experience has been great!”

RenShaoWen is an international student at the Lynchburg Campus who is studying business administration.

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