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Jay Alexander and LM Communications Named as a Distinguished Community Employer

Jay Alexander, program director of LM Communications Broadcast Media Group, was recently named a Distinguished Community Employer by the Lexington Campus due to his vital support of the campus’s radio and TV broadcasting (RTB) program.  LM Communications employs graduates of the RTB program and also allows RTB students to conduct externships in their office.

Mr. Alexander first began working with the Lexington Campus RTB program several years ago, when career center director Cheryl Howell contacted him regarding externship opportunities for students in the program.  “I was happy to help,” he said.  “I love to share my knowledge of what I know [with] the next generation that’s coming up.” Mr. Alexander said that externs at LM Communications rotate through the many areas of the radio stations that LM Communications owns, including programming and production.  “They get a taste of everything,” he explained.

RTB program director Bill Gray said that the externships are a great opportunity for the students.  “The students make contacts [and] they get real-world experience.  Sometimes they get to operate the [audio] boards and do voice-overs,” he said, adding that students who work hard and show initiative during their externships are often hired by LM Communications.  It was student Kimber Price’s first day as an extern at the company and she said that she was excited to have the opportunity to work there. 

Pictured-(l) to (r): Presenting the Distinguished Community Employer award to LM Communications are: extern Kimber Price, radio and television broadcasting (RTB) program director Bill Gray, Jay Alexander of LM Communications, campus director Kim Thommason, and career center director Cheryl Howell.

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