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Lynchburg Students Learn Importance of Diet to Overall Success

Sylvia Denton, diabetes educator with Centra Health, was a guest speaker for the Lynchburg Campus and talked to students about the importance of diet, how it can affect or cause diabetes and how all of this affects their ability to function in their daily routines.  She gave helpful advice on how to manage health issues and maintain a healthy balance in your personal and family life, college work, and job success.

A person with diabetes has high blood glucose, which is a high sugar level in their system.  There are three types of diabetes: Type 1, where your body does not produce insulin and you are insulin injection dependent for the rest of your life; Type 2, which is the most prominent, where your body does not produce enough insulin and you can control with diet, weight management and exercise; and Type 3, gestational diabetes which affects some females during pregnancy and usually goes away immediately after childbirth. 

Sylvia suggests using the “plate method” of what to eat.  One half of your plate should be fruits and vegetables, one quarter should be proteins (meats, fish) and one quarter starches (potatoes, rice, pasta).  She says, “Simply put, eating more fruits and vegetables (avoiding processed), less starchy vegetables and more fiber, along with controlling your serving size, will help with your glucose level.  Remember, if your glucose is high, your ability to think clearly is hindered and your energy level is decreased.”  Whether you are at work, at school or being with family and friends, you truly aren’t functioning at your best.  By controlling your diet, you help control your glucose level – and your success in life!

Student Jasmine Waller says, “I’ve learned how easy and quick it is to manage blood glucose with portions of meals and how it affects us in life.”  Student Darlene Tucker stated that she learned, “The importance of healthy eating is very vital.  It might not affect me today, tomorrow or next month, but as I get older it will catch up with me, so start sooner than later.”

Sylvia Denton, diabetes educator with Centra Health, speaks to students about the importance of a healthy diet.

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