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Pediatric Patients Brighten Graduate's Day

Lakan Newman, a recent graduate of the Princeton Campus, has been hired as a medical assistant at Munif Pediatrics where her patients brighten each and every day. “I really love pediatrics,” Lakan said. “The kids—they have such a way of getting to you and warming your heart. They make you laugh.”

Lakan was hired from her externship at Munif, and she’s called upon the skills that she developed in her program at ANU from the very beginning. “Pretty much, I was completely one hundred percent in the role from day one,” she recalled. “I feel confident that I know exactly what I need to know, because we had such wonderful instruction and such a wonderful staff [at ANU]. 

“Not only do I have my education, I'm helping other people better themselves and their lives.”

Before coming to ANU, Lakan spent a short time at a community college. “I just really didn’t enjoy my time there,” she explained. “I felt like it wasn’t small and intimate enough. Whenever I had a question, I always felt like I was a hindrance. I was new to college, so I kind of needed some support—that made it hard to not have any.”

Lakan found the one-on-one instruction that she was looking for at ANU, and she feels appreciative of the sense of fulfillment and security that her education and her new career have brought to her life. “Education is something that no one can ever take away from you,” she stated. “I’m educated. I’ve accomplished something. Even more so, with medical assisting, I’m using that to put my handprint on the world—to help people out and help them live a healthier lifestyle. That’s a double whammy! Not only do I have my education, I’m helping other people better themselves and their lives.”  

A- Princeton Campus graduate Lakan Newman was hired from her externship at Munif Pediatrics after confidently using the skills that she gained in her medical assisting program from day one.

B- Lakan found the support that she was looking for as a student at ANU.

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