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Racing to the MBA Finish Line

Racing to the MBA Finish Line

The MBA students from the ANU Roanoke Valley Campus recently took a break from the traditional classroom and took to the road. Students boarded a bus and headed for the mountains, the Smoky Mountains to be exact. The group was treated to a day of fun at Dollywood and a stay in Pigeon Forge, TN. The amusement park excitement and hotel relaxation was just the first day of the trip. There was much more! On Day Two, the itinerary focused on the educational portion of the excursion. Students spent the day learning all about the operations and business of NASCAR. Students toured the Bristol Motor Speedway and had a speedway consultant explain the facility’s operations and the financial boom of the racing industry.

Some of the interesting facts that students learned about the speedway included:
- The speedway hosts events 334 days out of the year!
- The speedway has seating for 170,000 people but parking for only about 12,000 cars!
- The speedway has more drag racing activities than any other racing events.

“We had so much fun; where do we go next?”

The most amazing fact is probably that the speedway has 180 beautiful, well-appointed suites for sponsors and even the public. Students were able to spend the afternoon in one of the more extravagant suites; the suite belonging to Burton Smith. Smith is the master mind behind the NASCAR industry today. He is the promoter and current owner/CEO of NASCAR’s Speedway Motorsports Inc.  Not only was the suite luxurious, the entire trip was a gift of luxury! In all, the visit was perfect for a summer field trip to explore business in the fast-paced world of racing as students study to make it to the MBA Finish Line!

The students must have enjoyed the trip. When asked if they had fun, the group responded in unison, “We had so much fun; where do we go next?”    

Photo-Students from the MBA program at the ANU Roanoke Valley Campus are pictured in front of the Dollywood sign.  

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