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Shonny Cooke -- Executive Director of Career Services -- Campus Support

Difference Maker Shonny Cooke has worked in the field of education and employment services for many years, most recently at a local community college.  Before that, the graduate of the University of Virginia gathered valuable industry experiences in public education, nonprofit organizations, and government grant programs.   As executive director of career services, Shonny supervises the career services team and she is leading the launch of the new career services portal, “ANU CareerConnect,” which is now available to students and alumni 24 hours a day, seven days a week. In addition to having 24/7 access to ANU CareerConnect, students and alumni will also benefit from the Career Services team’s extended hours of evening availability. Career placement specialists are ready to serve students and alumni and can instantly chat through ANU CareerConnect, allowing students to connect to career services from anywhere. 

"Comprehensive career services are vitally important in bridging the gap between academic credentials and employment attainment. You must take the time to listen to what students are saying as they define their own motivators and career goals, and hopefully inspire each to commit to a plan that leads to career success.”

“I saw an opportunity to create an accessible program..."

“I saw an opportunity to create an accessible program and to connect what motivates students to pursue higher education to their academic plan and ultimate career goal. I believe that students will appreciate the convenience of being able to access personalized career services that can truly meet them wherever they are.”




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