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Thomas Fontana – Instructor – Difference Maker

Sep 08, 2015

Difference Maker Thomas Fontana is a business instructor at the Akron Area and Stark County campuses of American National University. He brings to ANU a wealth of education and experience. He holds degrees from Yale University, Harvard Business School, and Kent State University and has years of work experience owning and operating companies, as well as serving as a strategic consultant to businesses. He began teaching at American National University in 2010.

“I was invited to ANU as a guest to run a business workshop one evening by the teacher. I noticed that the students were older and more motivated than at the other colleges where I had been a guest instructor. I also noted that most of the students came from backgrounds that could best be described as challenging. This made their commitment most impressive to me; especially considering I had grown up under similar adversity. I felt I had learned a lot about how to transition successfully to a career-type job. I wanted to share this experience with motivated students.”

“I am grateful for the opportunity to influence students who are at a point in their lives where they see the need for change.”

“Each of the students has some situation in their life that makes coming to school challenging. And yet the students come to class and, by term’s end, get their work done. Not just because I insist on it, and I do, but because I work with them to accommodate their situations and respect their effort. I am grateful for the opportunity to influence students who are at a point in their lives where they see the need for change.”

“I enjoy engaging each and every student in course situations to let them think about how they would handle different situations. We often talk about low student-teacher ratios as our strength for how it benefits students. But it is also a strength for how it benefits teachers. I have the time to think about each student and develop a plan for individual success.”

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