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Tonya Elmore-Director of Admissions-Princeton

• Tonya Elmore—Difference Maker at the Princeton Campus

• Director of Admissions

• ANU staff member for 17 years
• Recipient of several ANU awards, including Chairman’s Trophy for Outstanding Performance in Admissions, President’s Milestone Award for Admissions Excellence, and Outstanding College Member of the Year for the Princeton Campus

• Holds a Bachelor of Science degree with a double major in psychology and criminal justice and a minor in sociology from Bluefield College; completed master’s-level coursework in special education from Old Dominion University

“It is an amazing opportunity to go to work every day and feel like you are changing lives.  I believe in education and its ability to improve the lives of our students, as well as their families. I simply help them take that first step to achieving their dreams.

“I admire our students’ dedication and perseverance.  They often are juggling their educational demands with full-time jobs and families.  Their ability to make the temporary sacrifices to achieve the ultimate goal of a great career is truly admirable.

“One of my greatest moments as an ANU staff member was when one of our graduate’s parents sent me flowers for their daughter’s graduation.  It just validated for me that we truly make a difference.  I am rewarded every year as I watch the students I enrolled walk across the stage at our graduation ceremony.  I am able to build personal relationships with the students I enroll, and I am so proud of them when I see their hard work culminate in great career opportunities after graduation.

“Here at the Princeton Campus, we really take the team approach to everything we do.  We respect each other and value the contributions we all make to help make our students’ journeys a success.”

Student Sarah Thornton (l), with Tonya Elmore (r), director of admissions, who has been employed by the Princeton Campus for 17 years. 

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